The Dynamos Cricket App is here!

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The Dynamos Cricket App is here!

We are excited to announce that today the Dynamos Cricket app has been launched to the parents of our 2020 Dynamos Cricket participants. All parents have been given priority access to the app, which will officially launch next Wednesday 13th May and we will be sharing the download link with you next week!

The Dynamos Cricket app is the perfect cricket application for all children aged 8+, and it is designed for those who have never played cricket before, as well as those looking to build on what they already know.

The 18 different skills videos and interactive quizzes provide lots of ways for children to get active at home, even with minimal space and equipment.

The app features will enable children to:

• Create a personal profile
• Learn new batting, bowling and fielding skills through activities and videos, with three levels of difficulty per area
• Do fun quizzes to earn virtual runs
• Learn about the different teams from The Hundred and pick their favourite

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