The Future

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in News | Comments Off on The Future

Whilst our absolute top priority was to fund and complete the pavilion build, we are already looking at two fantastic opportunities to enhance the ability for the community to participate in sport, recreation and social activities.

The land behind the pavilion(s), bought for multi-sport purposes is crying out to be used. It also boasts its own stretch of the Roman Road to Tewkesbury, so will require investment to build up low lying areas (rather than scrapping away the high bits). We have filed an application for support to Gloucestershire Environmental trust to help develop this land for its long intended purpose, and await their response in May.

The land to the North of the club has been offered for sale to the parish for sport and recreational use by the County Council. The Cricket Club is eager to participate in any arrangement that would bring this land into use by the community, given the pavilion available to support any such use.

The cricket club is open and keen to discuss any possible arrangements or opportunities to secure and develop this land, mindful of the fact that in the immediate future the club’s funds and future income are fully committed to the new pavilion.

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